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The TOP Partner Program in the BIZ.

Partner with Chorus Communications, the full-service, award winning technology solutions firm to generate and capture extra revenue. Chorus works exclusively with the world’s TOP technology providers and has built an unsurpassed reputation within the industry. Chorus has supported affiliates nationwide on an exclusive basis and is one of the country’s leading Master Agencies for numerous providers.

From online order entry to easy commissions as a Chorus Partner, you can feel confident in the support you’ll receive from our skilled professionals. At Chorus, we're only as successful as our Authorized Agents and Partners.

Chorus's Agent Program Offers:

Competitive Commissions Program -- Accurate and on time, every time.
Real-time online portal provides 24x7 access, 365 days a year.
Impressive Affiliations and On-Going Training Programs: on-line curricula, agent based monthly newsletters, and training events.
Exclusive Provider Relationships -- the best in the nation.
Elite, experienced staff to assist you in closing your sales with large, small, simple or complex prospects.
The most effective support system in the channel -- always here for you, without fail.
First class knowledge - devoted to your prospects.
Real-time access to meaningful information to help you build your business.
Superior Supplier and Product Portfolio -- from traditional to cutting edge.
Mix and mingle at exciting networking events – exclusive to Chorus Agents.
Safe Harbor -- Chorus invests in our contracts so that they are fair and reasonable Unique Niche/Boutique Products to increase your commissions.
23+ years serving Channel Partner/Agent Community
Master Agent for over 100 carriers and providers
Global Products and Solution Offerings

Chorus is proud of their well-built reputation, tremendous offerings and agent incentives.
To find out more about how you can become an Authorized Chorus Agent, please contact us at 215-600-0008 or click here.

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How does unification of communication in your Bucks County business add to your productivity?

- Web and IM Access

- Visual Voicemail taking VoIP to the Next Level

- Scalability and Auto Recovery

- Enhanced Security Measures

- Auto-Attendant

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