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Telarus Acquisition of Chorus Communications

Sandy, UT, March 19, 2021 – Telarus today reported it had gained Chorus Communications, an honor-winning Technology Consulting Firm that has assembled an unparalleled standing with its business accomplices, providers, and clients. “Tune consistently stood apart as a high-contact ace office in the more prominent Philadelphia area. Rob and Dan have the honesty and the enthusiasm […]

Keys to the (Virtual) Kingdom: Managing Data Encryption in the Cloud

Cloud technologies are part of most businesses that have online operations. These technologies come with data collection, recording, storage, and sharing, all of which are important for the company but also expose you to various threats. It is vital to execute sufficient security measures to help you protect business and user data, as a breach […]

Do Your Company’s IT Policies Cover Everything They Should?

Creating IT policies for your company plays a crucial role in keeping your data safe and limiting the chance of a cybersecurity incident. Developing basic guidelines for your employees will also save your business money and reduce downtime. Keeping these IT policies up to date is also critical as technology continues to evolve.

How Chorus Communications Can Help Protect Your Business’s Data

data security

In a world of highly valuable information, keeping data safe has become integral in protecting your business’s bottom line. Losing access can be costly for your business’s time, budget, and reputation. However, accidents happen, and equipment malfunctions. If you store essential data on the cloud, one small issue can cost you big time. However, you […]

Chorus Communications Roars In 2020 at the Annual Hair O’ The Dog Event

  When it comes to South Jersey data storage technologies, Chorus Communications is a widely-acclaimed expert — but did you know that we’re also party professionals? As #HOD2020’s leading sponsor, we made it our goal to sponsor to the best Hair O’ The Dog installment yet — and the event did NOT disappoint! If you […]

A Global Market Analysis of the Cloud Components & Services Industry

When Chorus Communications isn’t helping businesses in Philadelphia obtain colocated hosting and other tech services, we are educating ourselves about the latest developments in the cloud components and services industry. Over the last decade, we have watched the cloud services industry grow, adapt, and transform on a global scale, and at a very impressive rate. […]

5th Annual Technology Fall Forum 2019: Knowledge, Networking, & Football at the Linc

On November 14, 2019, we are hosting our 5th Annual Technology Fall Forum at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! If you don’t already know, the Technology Fall Forum is a gathering of the most influential figures in the Telecommunications and Cloud Industry. The event starts with a seminar in the Eagles Locker Room, where […]