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You are the New Mobile Enterprise- From our partners at MetTel

Marshall Aronow CEO MetTel We’ve all been there….in a car, on a train or even a plane. You get on a call with your colleagues to discuss an important presentation but typically spend 5 minutes just looking for that email with a key attachment among all those other hundreds of emails you receive. With TrueUC, […]

365 Data Centers: One Vendor, One Invoice, One Trusted IT Partner

365 Data Centers: One Vendor, One Invoice, One Trusted IT Partner By Jim Grady, Senior Account Director, 365 Data Centers I’m looking forward to participating in the final installment of the Chorus Summer School Lunch and Learn Webinar Series, coming up on Wednesday, August 29 at 12 p.m. (noon) ET. We’ll dive into more cutting-edge […]

How to choose the right SD-WAN transport and why it matters

Contributed By Kevin O’Toole Senior Vice President, Product Management at Comcast Business View Profile How to choose the right SD-WAN transport and why it matters Businesses and their distributed enterprise locations grow more dependent on connected resources every day. That’s because employee and customer expectations and behaviors are evolving and having quick access to business […]

Cloud Security 101: How DaaS Secures the Mobile Workforce

By 2020, Millennials will represent the bulk of the workforce. These workers want to work wherever, whenever, and however. They crave ease and accessibility to the tools and company data to do their jobs. Organizations have to adapt to Bring Your Own Device “BYOD” models and workers distributed across the country. This model is incredibly […]

How Modern Businesses Use Flexential Optimized IT

By Ken Makoid, Flexential Regional Vice President, Pennsylvania Market Flexential is extremely honored to have been asked to present at noon on Wednesday, Aug. 1, as part of Chorus Communications’ Summer School Lunch & Learn webinar series. Hosted by Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, the webinar series dives into the latest technology trends. The opportunity to present […]

5 Internal Communication Challenges Retailers Can Solve With UCaaS

By TAYLOR MALLORY HOLLAND – Contributor     Modern retailers put a lot of time and money into improving the customer experience, both online and in the store. They’re investing in cloud solutions that enable personalized messaging, geotargeting, and real-time interactions across channels. It’s exciting, but with so much focus on external communications, it’s easy […]

Are Your Customers Cybersecurity Ready?By Jacob Hill, Lead Marketing Manager, Security, AT&T

Are Your Customers Cybersecurity Ready? by Jacob Hill, Lead Marketing Manager, Security, AT&T If cyber-crime were a business, its annual earnings – $500 billion – would rank third nationally among major corporations. By 2020, cyber-crime is projected to cost the global economy $2.5 trillion. Meanwhile, over 2 million new malware attacks are launched every day […]