Ask not what you can do for Chorus,
Ask what Chorus can do for YOU!

We the People of the channel, in order to form a more perfect Chorus, establish the highest commissions, insure hands-on sales support, provide for the common agent, promote educational and stellar events, and secure the Blessings of Freedom to ourselves and our financial future, do ordain and establish this congregation at channel partners evolution in the capital of the United States of America.

Chorus is pledging their allegiance to Channel Partners Evolution in the “District” from September 9th- September 12th. In addition to our highly anticipated 5th Annual Carriers Ball, Revolution, and the inaugural Techs Got Talent competition, we have an entire line-up of other unique experiences and intelligent events in the Chorus meeting space righteously named The Situation Room, that will make your time in Land O’ Eagles (Go Birds!) even more advantageous!

To schedule a meeting with our Founding Fathers and Chorus’ Executive Branch in the exclusive Chorus Situation Room, please fill out the form below. The Situation Room will feature JSA TV, complimentary wi-fi, complimentary refreshments, sports legends, guest speakers and so much more.


Meet and greet with the First Ladies of Football
Carriers Ball

There will be so many ways to meet and engage with the award-winning Chorus team at Channel Partners Evolution! Get to know us and learn what sets us apart from the other master agencies.

Channel Partners Evolution Meeting Request

Thank you for requesting a meeting with the Chorus Team. A Chorus representative will be in contact with you within 48 hours.


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