Colocation Hosting

With the reliance on technology and the Internet to complete our daily tasks, colocated hosting provides companies with a hands-on approach to the solutions they need on the web. Establishing trust with our clients, our facility has the security infrastructure needed to make sure your software is protected and you receive the uptime that is expected.

Colocated Hosting

With colocation hosting in Philadelphia, you have complete control over your servers. You host your servers in a datacenter that offers tremendous savings for your hosting solutions. You’ll experience flexible hosting isolation and security surveillance that prevents any issues. In the event of an attack or outage of your server, our disaster recovery service in Philadelphia will help you get back on track.

If you’re a small business, you can obtain the features associated with a large IT firm without the investment. Our advanced infrastructure in our dedicated data centers will improve your service levels, increase your efficiency, and cut costs. We are a trusted colocated hosting consultant in South Jersey and help you to stay connected to your network.

With a colocated hosting service in South Jersey, you’re treated to a number of benefits, including:

-Network Security
-Increased Connectivity
-Outage Protection
-Physical Security Protection
-Room for Expanded Infrastructure
-Flexibility for Higher Bandwidth without Increased Costs

Our staff is committed to ensuring your experience with colocated hosting will make your life easier and maintain your server in a secure environment. You’ll have a cost-effective service that allows your business to receive effective scalability and continuity with minimal network latency. We’ll offer you and your Philadelphia area business a customized plan for colocation hosting that provides you the equipment, network, and space necessary for your needs to evolve. Plus, with our South Jersey encryption services, your information and sensitive data will be protected within the data center.

With our colocation hosting, you can store your equipment in a secure location at a facility that has outage protection and maintenance for your website. When you take advantage of the low-cost solutions for your web hosting services, Chorus will bundle other innovative telecom services, including VoIP and cloud services, as well as unified messaging solutions in Bucks County.

You can choose to lease cabinets and monitor server statuses for outage protection. When you’re looking for a cost-effective network and server solutions to maintain a web presence for your business, Chorus Communications has you covered. As one of the reliable Bucks County PCI compliance providers, your cardholder data will be secure with our hosting.

From colocation hosting in South Jersey to installation of innovative telecommunications solutions, you can trust us to put you in touch with the right providers of flexible hosting services and greater bandwidth. Contact us if you have any questions or are looking for data recovery companies in Philadelphia to ensure you never lose any files or documents again.


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