Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices play an integral role in effective corporate communication these days. Modern businesspeople can’t afford to ever be “out of the office,” but at the same time they’re constantly on the go. Thus, smartphones become imperative.

Chances are, you have a staff full of workers who use mobile phones to conduct business, and if such is the case, a solid mobile device management (or MDM) platform is crucial to your success.

MDM isn’t just confined to smartphones, though. Laptops, tablets and other technological business communication aides will fall under your plan. MDMs ensure that all of your company’s mobile devices—and the data that is transported between, and stored in them—stay secure, and optimally functional.

Our wireless management partners are highly experienced in industry cost analysis, and between their knowledge and our consulting expertise, you’ll receive stellar MDM at surprisingly low prices. It’s not uncommon for our clients to save up to 45% after switching to Chorus Communications and our network of providers.

Your in-house computers are well-protected, and you take measures to ensure that your data stays safe. Why risk it all with lacking mobile management? A good MDM will provide you with all the safety mechanisms that come along with your secure hosting, only tailored to suit your mobile workforce specifically.

If you’re interested in setting up a MDM, get in touch we’ll help you get started.


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