A Global Market Analysis of the Cloud Components & Services Industry

When Chorus Communications isn’t helping businesses in Philadelphia obtain colocated hosting and other tech services, we are educating ourselves about the latest developments in the cloud components and services industry. Over the last decade, we have watched the cloud services industry grow, adapt, and transform on a global scale, and at a very impressive rate. As advances in hardware and software components continue opening new doors for cloud innovation, the world’s cloud infrastructure has evolved considerably. Towards the end of 2019, Research And Markets published a comprehensive report on the global market for cloud components and services — and the findings of their research were very intriguing, to say the least! Let’s take a look.

What’s Been Happening in the Global Cloud Industry?

To keep up with the high volume of cloud and data center traffic, organizations around the globe have recently been transitioning from traditional network equipment and architectures to newer, more sophisticated network infrastructures. The latest network infrastructures incorporate extremely dense system components and dynamic software controls, providing enhanced capabilities in smaller, more flexible packages. 

Believe it or not, healthcare organizations were initially hesitant to adopt cloud components and services. Healthcare IT systems are notoriously expensive to implement, update, and manage. In 2018, however, we saw the global healthcare industry warm up to cloud components and services because cost savings now outweigh potential data security concerns. By transitioning from individual budgets to cost-sharing models, the cloud components and services market has become affordable and accessible to a wider audience around the globe.

Looking Ahead: What Comes Next?

With the help of enhanced network processors and software-defined networks, Cloud components and services are primed to make several breakthroughs regarding performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness over the next five years. These capabilities are the precursor for programmable networks with denser chipsets and distributed infrastructure that operate in converged architectures and software-defined data centers.

Is Your Organization Hooked Up to the Cloud?

Whether your business has several offices throughout the country or you only have one location in Philadelphia, colocation hosting is simple when you consult with the experts at Chorus Communications. For more than 20 years, we have helped our clients grow their organizations by providing guidance and advice regarding the latest developments in business technology. To find out how to get your organization hooked up to the cloud, or to consult with an expert about other IT needs, contact Chorus Communications today. 

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