Bridging Technology and the Restaurant Industry

For major players in the food service industry, the annual Restaurant Leadership Conference is the crème de la crème, and this April our client, Applebee’s, went out to Phoenix, AZ to attend the series of events. If you’re wondering why we’d be interested in a conference about the restaurant industry, the answer is simple. It’s because we’re on a mission to introduce technology to the food world.


And no, that doesn’t mean we want folks to order their Porterhouses with a side of iPhone.


We were also proud Gold Sponsors of the conference. And like we mentioned above, Applebee’s went out there to help us achieve our mutual goal of getting restaurant franchisees to enhance their businesses by utilizing intelligent technological regimens and strategies.


Sanjiv Razdan, Applebee’s COO, took part in a panel discussion—along with our customers and Applebees’ franchisees, The Rose Group—that focused on how restaurateurs can combat the competitiveness of modern business climates with innovative technology; especially for franchises.


Since many parties are involved in a franchise business model, it’s imperative that everyone who plays a role is always on the same page, in terms of maintaining a thriving brand. One surefire tool for preserving and enhancing an effective brand is through utilizing technology.


The Rose Group was founded by Harry Rose in 1985, and after several years of successfully running a few restaurant franchises, his company began opening Applebee’s restaurants around the Mid-Atlantic. By the mid-1990s, The Rose Group owned over 100 restaurant franchises, and continues to grow and thrive to this day. All in all, The Rose Group is in the vanguard of successful franchise owners, and was more than qualified to represent our ideals at the Restaurant Leadership Conference alongside us and Applebee’s as a whole.


In order to help promote our push to get technology more involved in the restaurant industry, we gave away $50,000 in cloud and VoIP services from our partner ComTec Systems Inc. to conference goers. Congratulations to Dan Doulen of Buffalo Wings and Rings, the Applebee’s franchise owners and operators, Potomac Family Dining Group, and Nikhil Mehta of Eat Out Now, who operates and owns Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits franchises.


And finally, to add even more excitement into the mix, we attended a meet and greet with the New Orleans Saints’ quarterback, Drew Brees. All in all, we had a successful time promoting our push to bring technology into the restaurant industry, giving away services and attending lectures by top-players in the industry. We look forward to going back next year!


Whether we’re providing managed cloud services to local Philadelphia clients or teaming up with a leading restaurant franchise, like Applebee’s, to help advance the industry, at the end of the day our passion lies in technology. And we’re happy to play our part and sponsor an event like the Restaurant Leadership Conference, because they understand the importance of innovation.
So let’s raise our glasses to Sanjiv Razdan, ingenuity and technological advancements in the restaurant industry to come!

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