Chorus Announces New Partnership with Telesphere

What is Telesphere?

Telesphere provides businesses with the extensive service and features generally available only to larger corporations—all without the cost, hassle, and limitations of traditional systems. Rather than a business needing to buy an expensive PBX for their office and then pay a technician to maintain it, technology has enabled providers like Telesphere to “centralize” all of the functionality of the traditional PBX into a central “softswitch” for the whole country. By connecting your office with a private and dedicated pure IP T1, Telesphere is able to provide all of your telephone and internet service through a “hosted” solution.

This gives you several key advantages:

  • Flexibility: Telesphere provides you with premium voice and data services, no matter what solution you need or where you are in the country. We can offer fully hosted voice service across the US, to office or home office, directly to Cisco, Polycom and other IP phones. We can also use our SIP trunking to enhance your existing PBX with the latest in IP features. With features like 4 digit dialing, your office in Phoenix can feel like it’s just down the hall from your office in New York.
  • Simplicity: Telesphere keeps things simple with great, reliable customer service and easy per seat pricing. So, whether your office has ten seats or one hundred, you can get fully hosted voice and managed data services, robust features, necessary equipment and on-going support—all for one low price that fits exactly what you need.
  • Power: With Telesphere, we use a completely private IP network for voice transport, not a public internet connection, ensuring you the most reliable service with all the security that you need. We deliver your voice and data solution over a smart connection that dynamically allocates and prioritizes the voice and data services. And then we empower you with a robust Web interface to instantly make changes to your service or have our 24×7 team make the change for you.
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