Cloud Security 101: How DaaS Secures the Mobile Workforce

By 2020, Millennials will represent the bulk of the workforce. These workers want to work wherever, whenever, and however. They crave ease and accessibility to the tools and company data to do their jobs. Organizations have to adapt to Bring Your Own Device “BYOD” models and workers distributed across the country. This model is incredibly attractive to the millennial workforce but can be frightening to CIOs and CSOs. These leaders agree that the #1 safest and most cost-effective way to secure their company’s information is to control the desktop first.


RapidScale is a leader in securing virtual desktops while taking the burden off of the IT team. Join our August 8 session of the Chorus Summer School Lunch & Learn Series with Director, Solutions Engineering Dylan Bouterse to learn:

  • How the virtual desktop market is changing
  • How Desktop as a Service improves security and mobility
  • How you can implement a secure BYOD model
  • How to uncover Desktop as a Service opportunities



The idea of disruption can be encouraging if you stand to gain from the change, or frightening if you benefit from the status quo. However, one thing is inevitable organizations are becoming more aware that they need to plan for this disruption. Stand out from your competition and be the first to help your clients understand how to secure their mobile workforce. This disruption has created a huge opportunity! Make sure you have RapidScale in your portfolio!


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