Comstar Technologies


Each month Chorus will recognize a partner for their hard work, diligence and achievements. The Chorus team will carefully select and honor this partner and they will be featured on our website, newsletter and social media efforts.

Comstar Technologies

Comstar was chosen as the October Partner of Month as they have successfully closed multiple deals through Chorus. 

The team at Chorus brings a level of experience and industry expertise that is unmatched. We work with a number of different carriers directly but our smoothest transactions happen when dealing through Chorus no matter who the carrier used turns out to be. Their response times in Pre-Sales support are superior but during the implementation process is where we find their proficiencies to standout from what we had been accustomed to previously in working directly and indirectly with carrier support services. It has been a pleasure to partner with the Chorus Team for our needs in the Telecom Field over the past several years.

Andrew Cool

Executive Vice President

Chorus Communications
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