Does it Matter Who Manages Your Servers?

When it comes to colocation hosting for clients in Greater Philadelphia, it doesn’t make a difference with whom or where you store your servers, right?

That’s the furthest thing from the truth.

But if you live near Philadelphia, you can rest assured because we’re one of the most trustworthy colocation hosting consultants in the world, and the benefits of choosing to work with us are tangible and incomparable.

You know that you need colocation, but maybe you’re unsure of the nuances of what a leading provider will do for you, and why it makes sense to work with a company like ours. Here are some facts about the service, and why not using just anyone’s is a smart thing to do:

You Have Control

It’s your data, so we leave the control up to you while never leaving you in the dark.


Security is the most important consideration to bear in mind when it comes to your servers, and they’re safe and sound with us. Our clients’ facilities feature ample state of the art security measures to protect from all kinds of threats, including outages and physical occurrences. Your data also comes encrypted, further protecting it from any harm that might come its way.


Save money by utilizing our colocation services over a different method of storage. Only pay for what you use, and track what you spend.

Extra Room

In case you ever want to expand your current infrastructure.

Other Benefits

If you use colocated hosting through us, we’ll bundle other services in with it. You’ll have access to our managed cloud services, which many of our Philadelphia clients swear by, and disaster recovery in the off-chance of a mishap.

If you’re going to utilize colocation hosting for your data, it’s pointless to work with a company that doesn’t take your safety seriously. Don’t allow anyone to get careless with your data, because disasters will be inevitable if you do.

Let us take care of your colocation and cloud hosting services, if you live near Philadelphia, and you can relax knowing that your data will always be safe and sound.

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