Evolution Technology


Each month Chorus will recognize a partner for their hard work, diligence and achievements. The Chorus team will carefully select and honor this partner and they will be featured on our website, newsletter and social media efforts.

Evolution Technology

Chorus is proud to name Evolution Technology, a Managed IT Services and Networking Engineering Firm, as September’s Partner of the Month.  They are a small and growing company that has exhibited the desire to grow and generate additional revenue and clients.




Evolution Technology is proud to be named Partner of the Month by Chorus Communications for the month of September. When we found out about this we could not have been happier about it. This company is still a small managed IT company that is barely two years old and has yet to really show everyone what we are capable of. We have been fortunate enough to become an agent for Chorus and so far we have been treated great. Thanks to Chorus and its staff, my company has been able to grow and branch out into areas that we were not so big in when we opened our doors. With the help and assistance we have received from Chorus with phones and internet services, we have been able to grow our client base and provide current clients with more options than we have ever been able to offer. Working with Chorus has been the best thing to happen to this company since we opened. We have been able to network with a large amount of other companies which have proved very helpful for us since we are still growing and trying to make a name in the crowded world of IT. We have had nothing but the best treatment from everyone in the Chorus family since day one and we are glad to be part of such a great company. Overall, working with Chorus and its affiliates has been a major growing point for me and my company and this partnership will continue to grow as my company grows. We cannot thank Chorus enough for the help and support shown to us and we look forward to growing together.

Once again, I would like to thank you for all your help and support.

Scott Lindenbaum

Evolution Technology – Owner

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