Four Tips for Protecting Your Wireless Network

Many companies tend to be blind to the risks that WiFi imposes, especially because it is so convenient. Putting security into place to counteract attacks by hackers is considered a must in today’s world. Don’t put your business in jeopardy by lacking in security measures. There are many tactics that can be practiced to keep the wireless network secure. By hiring a reputable Technology Solution Firm, such as Chorus Communications, you can be at peace in knowing that a team of experts is at your side.



While the team shields your business from hackers with secure WiFi services in Philadelphia, you can be sure that their partnerships, worldwide network and intellectual property will put you ahead of the game. Even with a technology firm putting you at an advantage, there are numerous techniques you can practice to help keep your wireless network secure. Follow these four security tips to combat hackers.


1.      Modify the Default Password

The default password should be changed when you first set up the router, but some businesses tend to leave it the way it is. If you didn’t change it, then do so immediately. All network equipment vendors are commonly known, so all hackers have to do is quickly search them to attempt to access their default passwords. By simply changing the password, it makes it much more difficult for them to penetrate your system.


2.      Create a Guest Network

Even if you don’t offer free WiFi to your customers, setting up a guest network halts the passphrase of your network from being circulated to everyone. Consider creating a separate wireless network using a second SSID (Service Set Identification). This feature is supported by an increasingly large number of wireless routers. You can routinely change the passphrase to it without affecting any of your other devices. When it is not in use, you can also disable it.


3.      Disallow Administrative Access

Did you know that hackers can make changes to your WiFi router’s configuration? You can make their attempt much more difficult by disallowing admin access from the network. It may be annoying because you won’t be able to tweak your router unless it’s done at a laptop or desktop connected to your local area network. However, the hassle can be worth the extra protective measures you are taking.


4.      Make Up a Complicated Passphrase

The last thing you want to do is to use an easily guessable passphrase on your network. Attackers have a special software designed to capture wireless data packets and compare them to huge dictionary lists in an attempt to find a match. We suggest that you use 25 characters containing a mix of numerals, symbols, upper case letters and lower case letters.


These are just a few tactics out of many that can thwart the crimes of hackers. Abide by the tips mentioned above to make your business safer. For more security tips, give us a call today.


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