With Fuze, companies see higher employee engagement, greater productivity, and material cost savings

Fuze is a cloud-based unified communications provider combining global voice, video, messaging and collaboration into a single, easy to use application.

Fuze is ideal for companies with international presence, which are looking to:
● Replace outdated PBXs and multiple local phone contracts with a unique global service delivered in the cloud
● Increase user adoption with a consumer-like interface, offering the same experience on desktop and mobile, from anywhere and whenever the user needs it
● Make an average of 30% savings on communications bills, as well and reduce operational risks for the company

Unique product or solution:

1) A single, unified platform
Designed for the way people work, Fuze powers business conversations through a secure and reliable global platform that unifies voice, video, and messaging into a single application.

2) Global, Enterprise-class voice
Fuze provides the traditional PBX functionality of an on-premise telecom solution in the cloud, eliminating the burdens of capacity management, CAPEX spend, platform maintenance, and unpredictable costs.

With Fuze, customers have a global network of telecommunications carriers at hand, all managed in the cloud. What’s more, Fuze leverages a resilient cloud infrastructure and QoS-engineered network to deliver the best enterprise-class IP PBX voice service available.

3) A Unified Communications Experience on Any Device, Anywhere
With Fuze, people can easily access voice, video, collaboration, messaging, and web experience from any device, wherever and whenever they need to.

4) Data-Driven Insights
The Fuze platform unlocks data from multiple sources across the enterprise providing valuable insights to business leaders about the organization and its workers.

Also, Fuze gives customers real-time visibility into the entire company’s operational performance of people, businesses, locations and communications systems.

5) Platform Extensibility and Integration’s
Fuze also provides a comprehensive library of APIs and inter-operation with legacy PBX and telepresence room systems.

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