How Mobile Device Management & Data Security Services Are Allowing Companies to Thrive During a Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a still-evolving situation that has forced companies in every sector to make serious changes to their day-to-day operations. Companies that are able to are being asked to switch to a work-from-home model in an effort to keep people inside and stop the spread of the virus. Some states have already begun unveiling plans to reopen in stages, but it’s unclear exactly how safe it is to do so. Of course, the sweeping nature of these restrictions and the uncertainty of their time frame has posed a significant challenge to businesses looking to continue serving their communities. If remote work is possible, the question remains how to do it effectively. For companies that aren’t accustomed to working remotely or that weren’t planning on it before, these new restrictions represent a distinct threat to the bottom line. Mobile device management and technology consulting services are allowing these companies to not just survive, but thrive. 

In the face of the unique threat posed by COVID-19, mobile device management and hosted VOIP services like the ones provided by Chorus Communications are continuing to help companies communicate better internally while keeping sensitive data secure. The efficiency and flexibility offered by unified data hosting service can help companies continue to succeed amid the challenges of coronavirus prevention measures: 

They Help Keep Important Data Secure 

The abrupt nature of the nationwide switch to a work-from-home model has, and will continue to ruffle some feathers. For companies that manage sensitive data, one of the challenges has been maintaining cybersecurity while allowing everyone to take their work home with them. Cybersecurity services by Chorus can help companies equip all corporately managed devices with the right tools and security measures to protect them from external attacks or malware. Our services allow users to easily filter sensitive data and assign it special protections from unauthorized viewers, as well as create backups to prevent data loss. Switching to work-from-home shouldn’t leave your company more vulnerable to cyber attacks or sensitive data theft, and having the right web services at your disposal can make it far easier to maintain web security.

They Allow for Full Customization 

When it comes to web security and communication, no two companies are exactly alike. Different clients have varying security needs with emphasis on different things.  At Chorus Communications, we work with each of our clients to develop the right custom cybersecurity plan tailored to their needs. To ensure that the right considerations are always made when dealing with important network security issues, our web security services allow IT professionals to assess potential threats quickly and respond to them in real-time.  

Without question, COVID-19 has forced companies in every sector to change the way they do business in order to mitigate its spread. For many companies, remote work is possible but poses unique challenges, some of which may be new. At Chorus Communications, we can help you formulate and implement the right work-from-home strategy for your company’s size and needs. To learn more about what Chorus’ mobile device management and business telecom services can do for your company, visit our website today!

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