How Mobile Device Management Services Can Help You Maintain Productivity During Work-From-Home

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COVID-19 protocol was recently extended, which means many people will continue working from home for a longer period of time. At a time like this, employers are scrambling to set up work-from-home arrangements for their employees. We are lucky to have modern technology that affords so many the luxury of working from home, but communication and productivity are still important considerations for employers to make. For people that aren’t used to working remotely, it can be difficult to adjust and challenging to maintain the same level of communication that there might be when everyone is together in a physical office. 

Mobile devices, from cell phones to laptops and tablet computers, are essential for efficient work-from-home communication. If you have a large staff communicating with each other through their mobile devices, a reliable Mobile Device Management (MDM) service can help ensure your company’s success during this extended work-from-home period. Having a reliable business telecom service can benefit your company in a few different ways. 


Unifying your business with an MDM can foster productivity in a number of ways, saving you time and ultimately, money. Setting up work-from-home all at once can be time-consuming and often confusing, and new problems arise constantly as employees struggle to set themselves up on the network. Using an MDM, employees can get your corporate network set up faster and more easily on their own devices, which can minimize IT issues during the set-up process and keep you from losing time during the transition to work-from home.   


As a manager, it can be difficult to keep track of all employees’ to-dos and make sure they stay on task — especially in a situation like this, where companies have to quickly transition to a work-from home format on short notice. The right MDM software lets you organize all of your important company data from all of your employees’ different devices in one location at all hours of the day, making it quick and easy to look up specific information. 


Protecting your company’s sensitive data is also a concern when employees are taking work home with them. MDM software can help you coordinate custom security measures with all of your employees and ensure that everyone is taking the necessary steps to keep their devices secure. You can also configure your devices to protect sensitive data and even to remotely lock devices that become lost or stolen.   

As social distancing precautions become extended, work-from-home becomes increasingly important to non-essential companies. Keeping your employees organized and your data secure through these uncertain times can make all the difference for your company, and have an impact long after COVID-19 has passed. To learn more about the benefits of Mobile Device Management, reach out to the experts at Chorus Communications today!

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