Join Us in Welcoming Our Newest Partners!

Since opening our doors over two decades ago, we’ve become a premier cloud hosting service in Philadelphia, and the go-to telecommunications consulting firm in the entire Southeastern Pennsylvania and South Jersey area. Thanks to all who helped us get here! And with that said, our client base has been continuously growing larger over the years since we were founded. Today, we’re helping more businesses than ever before, and there’s no sign of our growth ceasing in the near future.


We recently partnered with a few phenomenal companies. Please join us in welcoming them!


Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf specializes in cybersecurity. Their AWN™ Cyber-SOC service is an easy-to-use software that stays 10 steps ahead of any impending cybersecurity threats. It includes a variety of features including big data and machine learning, vulnerability assessments, security engineer liaisons, continuous analysis and ample customization.


The company’s security engineers act as your business’ own IT personnel who specialize specifically in security. The upside is, working with an Arctic Wolf Security Engineer is far more affordable than staffing an IT department.


Furthermore, Arctic Wolf’s services are all deployed via the cloud. Most companies have sensitive data to account for, and if that sounds like yours, Arctic Wolf’s AWN™ Cyber-SOC is a service you should strongly consider. Please visit their website for more information.


Quantum Technology

Quantum Tech

Quantum Technology specializes in a range of services pertaining to data center facility and equipment demolition, liquidation and sales. The company was founded in 1990 in Philadelphia, and has been offering its valuable service to companies in the immediate area and beyond ever since.


Whether the items are ultimately resold, reused and/or recycled, Quantum Technology will take care of 99 percent of them.


Some of the common items they deal with are servers, power systems, printers and monitors, central office equipment and wire and cabling. To learn more about all that Quantum Technology does, visit their website today.




Aryaka allows businesses to gain access to their applications flawlessly though its ultra-optimized cloud-deployed WAN. Their service is the first of its kind, and is considered a top-notch solution for CIOs who need to distribute data safely to employees, clients and partners across the globe.


Aryaka’s solution is one of a kind in that it both offers the highest quality performance available on the market with the simplicity of the internet.


Either through its WAN as a Service or Dynamic Content Delivery as a Service, let Aryaka help you move sensitive data quickly, securely and without interruption or inconvenience. Visit their website to find out more.


And with that, we welcome Ayaka, Quantum Technology and Arctic Wolf to the Chorus Communications team. We’re glad to be working together, and we look forward to enhancing the tech community together as we move into the future!


Are you interested in partnering with us? Get in touch today to find out about how we can assist your enterprise. Whether it’s through our secure wifi services in Philadelphia or any of the other consulting we offer, we want to help you succeed!

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