Keys to the (Virtual) Kingdom: Managing Data Encryption in the Cloud

Cloud technologies are part of most businesses that have online operations. These technologies come with data collection, recording, storage, and sharing, all of which are important for the company but also expose you to various threats. It is vital to execute sufficient security measures to help you protect business and user data, as a breach can result in devastating losses and litigations. One of the ways to keep hackers and frauds at bay involves data encryption.

Here’s a quick overview of managing data encryption in the cloud and how Chorus Communications can help you with effective cloud security solutions.

What Does Data Encryption for Cloud Technologies Entail?

Data encryption is a robust process that involves identifying what data needs encryption and when. Most businesses use cloud-based services and third-party tools provided for data encryption. You will also require different levels of encryption and keys held by specific people. So how do you manage data encryption in the cloud?

Formulate A Policy

Businesses are required to formulate and publish their data protection policy. You should determine what data needs protection and when and where to encrypt. It is also crucial to define how the encryption protects the organization and ensure it meets existing regulations. The policy will guide you on how to implement data protection based on the risks you face. Publishing the policy also makes it clear to the users where your liability starts and ends.

Determine What, When, and Where You Need to Protect

Businesses receive an influx of data, and not all of it needs encryption. You should focus on critical data, such as logins, financial information, confidential business data, and other communications at risk of a breach. Some data fall under regulatory compliance requirements, so you must implement adequate safety measures. Others are personal identification information containing intellectual property that directly influences the operations of the business. Identifying what needs protection will help you find the best way to deploy adequate encryption and security measures. You should also know where to deploy encryption (storage media, cloud applications, transit over the network, etc.) and when (at rest, during transit).

Find A Trusted Provider

Unless you have an experienced in-house IT team, data encryption can be a headache. Most startups purchase SSL certificates and assume it is enough to protect the website from all threats. While SSL encryptions are strong, hackers can exploit several vulnerabilities and loopholes to access company data. It is recommended to work with a reliable data security company that can assess your company’s risks and help you to understand existing solutions.

Chorus Communications is an award-winning tech consulting firm with several years of experience providing data protection solutions for businesses. Since launching in 1995, we have focused on helping companies identify data threats and carry out effective security measures. Contact us to find out more about our encryption services.

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