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Each month Chorus will recognize a partner for their hard work, diligence and achievements. The Chorus team will carefully select and honor this partner and they will be featured on our website, newsletter and social media efforts.


Rhino World continues to bring large multi-location opportunities to the table. Recently, we closed several huge deals together , one in particular providing broadband to a 24 site business.  We are confident that Rhino World will continue to grow its ever expanding funnel of business with Chorus.



Partnering with Chorus on large scale multi-site projects has been a pleasure. The Chorus staff remains right on top of any needs or requests you may have. Rhino World strategically selected Chorus Communications, due to the fact that Chorus has solid relationships with outside vendors, carriers and other partners. In the past, working with others directly, was extremely difficult. We had issues getting trouble tickets handled and resolved within a timely fashion. Today, through Justin Joy and Rob Molinaro of Chorus, the implementations on very large projects are going much smoother. They effectively established weekly meetings that are very productive. Dan Cronin, has also helped Rhino World with his wise and different approach to closing new business. Each individual Chorus employee has their own much needed value. From Buffy Harakidas, helping both Rhino World and Chorus getting our names out to the public, to Amy Servis getting the appropriate partner engaged with the proper project.

Rhino World is looking forward to growing this relationship and much more continued success.

Damien Leonti

-Rhino World 

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