Spring Curriculum 2013

The Chorus Curriculum is a real time-webinar series designed to provide our partners with the knowledge needed in an effort for them to effectively communicate and sell the most innovative products in the marketplace today to customers. Providing partner support is Chorus’ highest priority. We empower our partners with such training as it has proven to have significant ramifications on their future earnings.


Each Tuesday at 10:00am (Eastern Standard Time) starting April 2, 2012

Curriculum will run 5 straight weeks. 


Chorus strongly believes that the more our agents know about new and emerging trends in technology, the better equipped they are to sell these products to customers. With that approach in mind, Chorus has initiated an online curriculum for our agents and partners that will cover the products and services we believe to be most critical in today’s marketplace. Our philosophy is that an educated agent is a stronger agent.


Our Spring 2013 program will consist of 5 topics.  Each topic will be presented and determined by our presenting Sponsors.


Each seminar will be begin at 10:00 am and run approximately 60 minutes in length. A Chorus executive will start each week with a short introduction to frame the importance of this week’s topic and then will turn over the presentation to the featured speaker. The Chorus host will help navigate the topic and moderate Q&A’s with our partners. Participation in the webinars will be with GlobalMeet.


We have already received commitments from over 30 of our top partners to take part in the seminar series. Through our national email marketing campaign, we are now extending our reach to attract new agents to participate as well. Ultimately, Chorus plans to have between 40 to 60 agents involved in the first round of our spring curriculum program.


We know that the best way to incentivize agents in this industry is with SPIFFs! Well, in this case Chorus has come up with the perfect SPIFF — one they can’t lose! Every agent that signs up and participates in all  of the seminars in this series will be given a hard cash bonus of $250 in their next Chorus commission check. That’s right — we are paying our partners to learn!!  No catches. Qualifying Details will apply.

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