Streamline your Business with Unified Messaging Solutions

Business is competitive. In order to stand tall, we must be communicating effectively. This is true for in-house employee to employee interaction, as well as communication with clients and prospective clients that will help grow your business. We manage our data on the cloud, store messages through email, and listen to voice messages at a time of our convenience. Enter unified messaging solutions, enhancing your communication through integrating all communication platforms.

With voice mail use declining, and email use on the rise, how can we streamline our efficiency through unified solutions?

The biggest reason we’re seeing a lot of businesses make the shift to unified messaging is the fact that any incoming calls that go unanswered are re-routed through the system into your email account. The call is recorded and can be retrieved later, eliminating the need for maintenance of a voice mail system.

Through your business email address, have access to multiple communication platforms, including those voicemails and emails, as well as any directories or faxes. View every voicemail or message through any device that you’re using.

What other advantages are presented with unified solutions?

  • End user productivity. No matter the software integrated into your company, your employees or end users will see all of their communications in one simple inbox. Even voice and fax messages are delivered to the inbox with the same folders, group lists, and management techniques as an email. You can see the email headers to determine whether an item or message is pressing or can be looked at later in the day, and provides an easy process for replying or posting them.
  • Text and Speech. We lead busy lives. We’re often on the go or running from meeting to meeting within the office. When on a mobile device, notifications are received that there is a new voice message, and we can opt to read the voice message or listen to it. This is convenient when we’re in the car. For hands-free solutions, the speech interface associated with the messaging solution will allow you to reply, forward, or call without using your hands.
  • Improved Collaboration. Speed and efficiency are important to a successful business. With help from the team, store all pertinent files as a voice message in a shared folder to progress and enhance the speed of a project.
  • Simple Management. Through this single infrastructure and system, you can easily see which clients or colleagues are online and available to send an instant message, as well as which are offline where an email or phone call will reach them quicker. Manage all messages from a single interface to streamline operations.

With quick instant messages and emails becoming a widely used form of communication, we’re seeing an increasing amount of businesses turn to unified messaging. There is a solution available for businesses of all sizes, and upgrades are always available for best performance. If you have any questions about whether this solution is right for your business, contact one of our telecom professionals at Chorus Communications and they’ll answer any questions you may have.

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