The Benefits Associated with PCI Compliant Hosting

As more and more organizations are accepting payment online, the importance of keeping up with industry standards has increased tenfold. Any business that handles credit card payment and data is required to be PCI compliant.

You must comply with the requirements that are laid out in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). These standards provide organizations with a set of rules that deal exclusively with payment cards and sensitive customer information. More than just an extra request for your business, PCI has many benefits as opposed to risking the consequences by not following the industry standards.

To minimize the hassle, businesses are turning to trusted hosting companies so they stay up to date with the changes in industry criteria. These businesses are witnessing the benefits of Philadelphia PCI compliance first-hand, including recovery options and encrypted offsite backups to keep your customer’s sensitive information protected.

Cloud Storage: Having a PCI compliant cloud ensures your data is secure. When you know the exact location of your data and know that there are safeguards in place, you’ll see higher availability of your data without sacrificing its performance. With the proper encryption of the cloud, you’ll have more flexibility and recovery options if the unexpected happens.

Disaster and Backup Recovery: When putting reliance on a hosting company to store your customer’s data, you eliminate the risk of data loss due to disasters or sabotage of your servers. In a secure location (the cloud) your customer’s card data and information will be protected throughout the backup and recovery process. All data will be encrypted and secure in the event of a disaster.

Dedicated Servers: In an environment that follows compliance, you can enjoy the benefits of managed servers from your hosting company. Data centers are operated by staff in a tightly controlled environment, and make sure the infrastructure in place will lower any risk that you can be exposed to.

Minimizing Risk of Data Breaches: If your online store experiences a data breach, your information can be compromised. This harms your reputation and can cause you to lose business. Complying with industry standards and PCI compliance will prevent data breaches through secure servers in off-site locations. Your site will be further protected from external threats, and you can withstand a breach more effectively with a hosting company.

High Availability: As an e-commerce business that relies on online sales, downtime results in lost money. Utilizing PCI compliant hosting, the infrastructure that is implemented will have multiple feeds of power and ISPs. Making sure data is readily available helps to win over customer trust, and allows you to encourage customers to purchase from you knowing their information is entirely secure on your hosted servers.

Hosted security companies help to store the data that needs to be protected most without harm. Putting your trust in a cloud hosting and security protection company allows you to rest easy knowing your equipment and customer’s personal information is safe.

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