To All Who Attended and Sponsored Who’s Who 2016: Thank You!

Last month we hosted our annual “Who’s Who in Technology” event, with this year’s theme being “Philly Loves Tech.” Between all who sponsored and attended, we undoubtedly showed the world that the theme’s title was forcefully accurate.


In case you missed it, don’t worry! There’s always next year, and in the meantime, check out this video highlighting what went down:



Among the more than 150 attendees, “Philly Loves Tech” included the top technology partners in Philadelphia. Likeminded companies and individuals gathered together to network with one another, hear presentations by industry leaders, give each other tips on how to better the Philly tech community and to just plain old party and have a good time.


chorus may 2016 1

chorus may 2016 2


We especially want to thank all of our sponsors, including:

  • Earthlink, our Networking Happy Hour Sponsor
  • Alura Business Solutions, our Presenting Sponsor
  • Comcast Business
  • Digital Agency
  • Momentum Telecom
  • Centile Hosted
  • IPR Secure
  • Level 3 Communications
  • RCN Business
  • Xahive


chorus may 2016 3


Over the course of the evening, attendees were presented with a variety of relevant topics pertaining to the world of tech, like what’s up in cloud computing these days, cybersecurity tips, the latest in broadband, the benefits of VoIP, the importance of cybersecurity and the savings associated with colocation centers.


chorus may 2016 4


After we all gained and learned about the latest in technology solutions, Philly’s finest techies brought out the ruckus during the networking party to cap the night off, complete with live entertainment from Philly’s favorites The Piano Dudes.


chorus may 2016 5


We didn’t become the premier data recovery service in Philadelphia by working completely independently. Especially in the cutting edge world of technology, networking and working with each other to better ourselves and the industry as a whole is imperative. We’re honored to be able to act as the connector between technology companies in Greater Philadelphia.


So to all who came out in support of “Philly Loves Tech,” thank you! We couldn’t have done it without your help, and you truly proved that Philadelphia is a major player in the technology scene. See you next year!

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