What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and Why Do We Need It?


The Internet of Things, commonly referred to as IoT, is primarily the connection of every day, stand-alone devices to the internet, which can be monitored remotely and send and receive data. Everything from cars and heart monitors to refrigerators and traffic lights has a place in the IoT, and the list is continually expanding. In fact, Business Insider predicts that there will be over 24 billion IoT devices in the world, enough for over three devices for every one of the 7.7 billion people on Earth. With this staggering calculation, what was once thought as a futuristic, sci-fi concept has become a reality – and the ramifications of the expansion of the Internet of Things, both positive and negative, will have significant impacts on our present lives and future generations.

At Chorus Communications, we understand the importance of IoT and offer exceptional IoT services for businesses in Greater Philadelphia. As an authority on the Internet of Things, we want to inform our valued clients and readers about IoT, its consequences, and why we need it in our world today.

Who is Affected by the Internet of Things?

Well, the short answer is everyone!

With the proliferation, advancements, and availability of smart technology, the IoT has already permeated our businesses, governments, and society and filtered into our hands, homes, means of transportation and entertainment, hospitals, and workplaces. IoT devices aren’t just smart; they are communicating with each other and with us. Before you get worried about a sci-fi scenario, this type of communication is not like what you may find in an Asimov fantasy or the vindictive GLaDOS from Portal. Instead, this communication consists of a transference of data from one connected device to another, which is then analyzed and utilized to make user experiences more convenient and productive.

For example: Imagine that it’s the middle of winter and your phone alarm wakes you up to the weather report, sends that information to your smart home thermostat, which then regulates the room temperature according to the report so that, when you get out of bed, you won’t start shivering. The information is also sent to your car’s GPS, which will begin calculating the safest route to work due to slippery road conditions.

When devices connect to the internet and then to each other, they can work as a unit to better serve their users.

What is the Need for IoT?

From personal convenience and consumer insights for businesses to video cameras that turn on due to changing data from a baby’s heart monitor, the IoT wants to connect all devices for the benefit and convenience of modern human life. It will affect environmental monitoring, infrastructure management, home automation, transportation, medical and industrial systems, and even entire cities. Additionally, IoT is growing apace and is not slowing down, so the world will continue to change along with it.

One concern about IoT, however, that can sour one’s perspective on this pervasive technology movement is privacy. With so many devices connected and talking to each other simultaneously and transferring personal or confidential information like SSNs, medical records, daily schedules, etc., there is a risk that sensitive data could be hacked from any number of devices. This is why companies like Chorus Communications are protecting clients from cyber threats through IoT security solutions. For more information on what we can offer your IoT company or business, contact us today!

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