Why Cloud Computing is the Standard

At Chorus Communications security is our top priority. Having peace of mind that your data is safe and sound is essential to your sanity as a business owner, and is integral to us as the premier company which you can rely on for cloud hosting services in Greater Philadelphia. In this day and age, cloud computing has become a standard means of data hosting, primarily because it is a forthwith way to access your important information. Sure, it’s convenient, but for many who do not fully understand how it works, the term can seem abstract and confusing.

So at this stage in technological advancement, why exactly is cloud hosting the best paradigm for securing data? Well, for several reasons:

Server Clustering

Server clustering occurs when independent machines operate in unison to create one immensely powerful system, via (typically) the internet. When it comes to large quantities of data, that model makes sense because depending on one hard drive to handle that amount of information would be a nuisance, relatively unreasonable and inefficient. Breaking up where that data is stored into an overall network of smaller hard drives allows for ideal seamlessness in saving and accessing your information quickly.

Paralleling the Internet

We all know that the world revolves around the internet, and our dependency upon it partially helps explain why cloud computing is a current standard. Clouds usually exist within the internet, but they’re also a microcosm of it, insofar as they function utilizing the same philosophy (linked networks creating a larger overarching mothership). Since their modes of functionality are virtually indistinguishable, they operate seamlessly with one another, making life in the internet sphere all the easier when it comes to storing data within it.

Cost effectiveness

If you own a small business in the Philadelphia area, a cloud hosting service is the most cost effective means of storing your data because you can adjust usage accordingly. Compare that with another storage system, like dedicated hosting where you get a fixed amount of space. If your business only needs “x” amount of storage space, there’s no reason to own and pay for more than that. Cloud computing is much more flexible. You’re only paying for what you use right now, and if things change, so can your amount of cloud space. Think about it this way: you wouldn’t buy a house with 2,000 extra square feet of space that you pay heat bills for, but lock the door and never use. Cloud hosting allows you to live in a proverbial house that perfectly suits your needs. No more, no less.

In our evermore rapidly moving society, speed is imperative, copious storage space access is crucial, mimicking an existing system that we depend on (the internet) is helpful and affordability is the icing on the cake. Cloud systems are chief in all of those departments bar none, and are therefore the primary reason why we use them. Who knows where data storage will be in fifty or one-hundred years, but for now we’re steady on a path toward the cloud, and data storage is as limitless as ever.

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