Why Your Company Needs Email Encryption Solutions

As a business, you rely on email for communications and documentation. If you work out of your inbox, you want to make sure the messages you are sending to clients, customers, and coworkers are safe. With technology advancing, hackers are more successfully attacking pertinent company or personal information.

While we’re sending personal and sensitive information day in and day out, are we really sure that our messages arrive without any interception? We just saw that the “cheating” site Ashley Madison was hacked, and 37 million users could have their most personal data stolen, causing a rippling effect in their lives.

The best way to make sure your data is safe from the threat of attacks and hacks is to encrypt the messages. You can encrypt based on sender, recipient, and content. Email encryption is a valuable and vital security measure that keeps those dangerous and dedicated hackers from reading your messages.

Email encryption is easy. Your messages travel through a secure network server and unauthorized personnel (humans or bots) will be unable to access your information.

What should you encrypt?

It takes more than just purchasing encryption services in South Jersey and thinking your files are secure. You must encrypt separate aspects of your communications. The connection from your provider, your messages that are traveling through the cloud, and your stored or archived emails.

When leaving your device unencrypted while sending messages, your account and personal information can be captured and viewed by anyone on that network. Additionally, when you hit send on an email, your encryption makes the message unreadable until it arrives successfully at its destination. All encrypted messages are unreadable to intruders trying to access your information.

Why you should encrypt

Conducting business online is about more than client relations. You want to establish a relationship, of course, but there comes a point in time where credit card numbers, bank account information, social security numbers, and more are passed along.

Encrypting your online messages is like shipping a safe from your outbox to the recipients inbox. Make sure that all messages, not just the ones with your credit information or personal data, are encrypted.

As email becomes a more prominent way of communicating and exchanging ideas, documents, photos, and agreements, there’s a simple solution to ensuring your data is not hacked. Contact us to see how our innovative cloud and IT solutions can leave you confident every time you hit “send.”

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