Wireless Essentials, LLC

Each month Chorus will recognize a partner for their hard work, diligence and achievements. The Chorus team will carefully select and honor this partner and they will be featured on our website, newsletter and social media efforts.


Wireless Essentials, LLC

Wireless Essentials has been bringing profitable deals to the table throughout this year. Additionally, they have introduced and engaged Chorus with new partners. They get our model, participate in our programs, and are always lifting rocks to find something new.



Chorus Communications provides Wireless Essentials the opportunity to increase our business by introducing to us dependable and reliable partners and agents.

This has been a great way to expand on our offerings and have confidence in recommending the partnerships we made through Chorus events and personal introductions. We believe this has been a great benefit to our present customer base and will be beneficial to all future opportunities with the wide range of experience and ability Chorus and their partners have to offer.

Working with the Chorus staff and meeting their many partners has been a great experience and a never ending adventure. It is a privilege to work and partner with the staff at Chorus.

-The team at Wireless Essentials, LLC.

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