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best hosted voipWhether your business currently uses a system, or you’re in the early stages of switching platforms for your phone center, choosing a VoIP infrastructure for your business phone service is one of the smartest decisions you’ll make for your company. Choosing Chorus Communications to facilitate telecom IP services is also a good move toward developing a solid telecommunications system.

Not only are VoIP systems the most cost effective option on the market, but lines are portable, highly flexible/scalable and serve myriad functions. When compared to traditional business phone lines —which are antiquated and obsolete— VoIP systems are the clear choice.

But all VoIP service providers are not created equally, and it is imperative that you work with a managed service that knows what it’s doing and how to do it in a customized way that benefits your company the most without interruption.

That’s where Chorus Communications comes in. From Bucks County, PA to South Jersey and nationwide, we partner with the best hosted VoIP providers in the business, all of whom are at the cutting edge of the telecommunications industry. When it comes to the right VoIP system for your business, we’ll help you implement a telecom IP solution that best suits your bottom line.

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VoIP Features

One of the top benefits of switching to VoIP is gaining access to all the VoIP features that will help enhance your business phone operations. Just how comprehensive are they? Here are a few of ways in which your business can truly benefit from IP services and enhanced telecommunications. Touch base to learn about all of the benefits offered by our VoIP providers.

Find me/follow me: Missing or dropping a lead or client call is virtually a crime in the business world. Find me/follow me automatically directs your callers through a series of lines before going to voicemail.

For example, If someone calls your office and you don’t pick up, it will automatically direct to your cell phone after 3-4 rings, which will then transfer to your home phone, which will then go to voicemail.

Call Screening: Call screening is a great management option. Say your child’s school is calling—it can redirect to your cell phone. Or, if an unwanted salesperson keeps calling, you can disconnect their line automatically.

Reporting: Data is everything, and VoIP systems will afford you access to detailed call history reports, which can be beneficial when you’re determining how to best spend your time.

Voicemail to email: If you miss a call and someone leaves you a voicemail, a transcription can be sent directly to your email. This option is nice because it eliminates a need for you to potentially listen to a voicemail several times as you take down names, numbers and addresses. The transcription will document all necessary information.

Phone Centers
Virtually all companies, large or small, require “call centers” in some capacity. Even if your phone center involves only three salespeople, a VoIP call center setup is the best way to optimize efficiency, while minimizing wait times for your callers.

Top Hosted VoIP Providers are in Our Network

We work directly alongside the best hosted VoIP providers and managed services that will offer your business a scalable solution that makes sense. One of the top benefits of the VoIP providers with whom we work is that their business models cater to the personalized and customized needs of their clients.

Whether you’re in Bucks County, elsewhere in PA, anywhere in NJ, or elsewhere nationwide, count on us to link you with an IP Phone system provider that will work around the clock to ensure that your telecom needs are met. We’re local to Greater Philadelphia, but the Chorus Communications name is known throughout the country. Touch base today to find out why.

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How does unification of communication in your Bucks County business add to your productivity?

- Web and IM Access

- Visual Voicemail taking VoIP to the Next Level

- Scalability and Auto Recovery

- Enhanced Security Measures

- Auto-Attendant

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